Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A Trio of Valentine Skirts

Valentines Skirts for 2017.
 This will just be a quick little blog to post these skirts made for some sweet little friends for Valentines Day.  I may have been MIA on the blog but I have been sewing as usual, so... I have lots to post that I have made over the past few years!  Here I made two simple skirts with elastic waists for 2 little sisters and one more detailed/labor intensive skirt for my friend Kaye's little girl Chloe.  Harper's skirt is the one in the middle in the photo above.  It is a size 2/3 for a tiny three year old.  Her little sister Rory is 20 months and the skirt on the left is the smallest one (that wasn't with an attached diaper cover) that I have ever made.  I felt like I was making doll clothes!
Chloe's 2017 Valentine's Skirt.

Chloe is six and wears a size six in length but is still about a four in the waist.  Her skirt has an attached flat waistband in the front and an attached elastic waistband in the back.  I used the waistband/side placket/button loop from Oliver + S 2+2 skirt and just gathered about 60 inches of fabric for the skirt.  I added a lining to the skirt to add fullness/support because I knew all the buttons on the  3/4 inch hem tuck would weigh the skirt down.  I really liked using the pink gingham.  It is a little hidden pleasure you would only see if you looked for it.  

There are 32 buttons around the perimeter of this skirt!  It was fun to look through my button stash to find buttons that would be the right size/color.  Many of the buttons were given to me by friends who don't sew but have button collections that they have inherited from their relatives.  Others are given to me by friends as gifts.   There are buttons on this skirt from at least five different people including my deceased mother.  I know that Mama would be tickled with this skirt!  I knew Chloe would love the buttons, and she did!  She kept lifting it up to show her friends the different ones.  It is a good thing she wore little bloomers underneath!  

I will have some modeled photos, as well as some shots of the Valentines/Fancy Nancy Tea Party at my kindergarten, this weekend.  I have two other Project Run & Play posts to do before Friday.  Yes, I jumped in and made "Greenery" outfits for the Sew Along Contest.

This is my favorite Valentine fabric and there are only tiny scraps left.  I have used it before on several other skirts and a dress for Chloe from a few years ago.  I never blogged about the skirts but you can read about the details of Chloe's dress and blouse HERE.

Previous things made with this fabric.


  1. The buttons do make a lovely detail!

  2. I love the addition of the buttons along the tuck. I wouldn't have considered the extra weight, but I like the idea of a cute lining to help with that!


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