Saturday, February 22, 2014

"S" is for Sugar & Spice: Chloe and her Valentines Day Outfit

Katy from No Big Dill is sewing through the alphabet.  She has kindly invited us to link our blogs that coordinate with the letters for each week.  (Thank you, Katy!) I'll be linking this post HERE for "S".

This sweet and spicy outfit was made for my favorite three year old:  Chloe.  She is truly 'sugar and spice and everything nice!"  All the fabrics and ribbon were from stash.  Yay!  The black and white is a piece of treasured Mary Englebreit fabric and the multi-hued pink is a piece of unknown batik.  I used the PDF pattern "The Fairy Tale Dress" from Tie Dye Diva for the dress and adapted the blouse from  McCalls #6062.  I made size 2's for 3.5 year old Chloe.
The back is taken in with the ties inserted into buttonholes in the back:  no elastic!
Here is Chloe wearing the outfit on Valentines Day in her mother's kindergarten classroom.  She is sporting a pretty new repair the one she gave herself earlier in the week!  (Sweet as sugar, spicy, and spunky, too!)  We all loved the way the handkerchief hem looks on this sweet little dress!
  (Guess why this shot is cropped!  LOL!) 
The outfit fit her beautifully!  Love that bow in the back!
Here you get an idea of just how tiny Chloe is in relation to her mom's classroom.  She is standing on a stool that lifts her up at least a foot off the ground.  The tables are set at their lowest height for the smallest chairs in the school.  The dress display dummy is a 9-12 month infant size and is perfect for the width of the clothing I make her.  Chloe is standing on the stool so that I would be able to get relatively still photos.  I did say "Spicy", didn't I?
She sure is a charmer!
She calls me "Mouse" and has me wrapped around her little finger!
Love this shot.  
This is a good shot of the front of the dress.
This is the shot before I cropped it!
Isn't she just beautiful?

Sweet as sugar!


  1. Sewing clothes is something that I never learned to do and when I tried, here and there, i did not do very well ( to put it mildly :) Tried doll clothes once...that was even worse. So when I see people that can sew clothes, I am in awe and THIS dress is oh so very cute in every detail and then the little model is just adorable. I smiled all the way through the post. Lucky little girl to have such a lovely dress ! :)

    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment! Chloe makes me smile every time I see her!

  2. visiting from sew many ways. This is such a gorgeous dress. I love it.

  3. Yes, she definitely is beautiful! And tiny! My three-year old is the opposite, most people mistake her for a 5 or 6 year old.
    I love the handkerchief hem and the pretty sash in the back on this dress. =).


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