Saturday, February 8, 2014

"R" is for Ruffles and Rhymes

Katy at No Big Dill is hosting a Sew All 26 series.  She has sewn so many beautiful things for her children using the alphabet as inspiration and has invited others to sew along and link their posts to her blog.  (She has two guest posts up right now with lovely creations for the letter "R".  Check them out!)   I wish I could say that I have made something for each letter but I cannot.  Someday I will!  However, I remembered this dress and jacket that I made several years ago (and never posted here) that would fit this week's letter:  R.  

The dress was made for Abby, a friend's daughter, as a gift for her birthday.  I used a simple sundress pattern from one of the Big Three companies and a jacket from another pattern.  I would have to go through all the patterns in those boxes to get the numbers but there are many similar patterns in the pattern books today.  I used special fabric from Mary Engelbreit that matched the drawings in the book below.  The illustrations in this book are really adorable.  The fabric is copied from the end papers in the book.  I love this book!  I gave a copy of the book to Abby when I gave her the dress and I also have a copy in my kindergarten class.  My class loves the illustrations more than any other nursery rhyme book I have.  There is a copy in my grandmother's hope chest along with a piece of the fabric in my Grandmother's Stash, too!  

I wonder how many of you have Grandmother's Hope Chests/Closets/Drawers with things saved for hoped for precious little ones.  Are any of you saving fabric, toys, books, etc. for future little charmers?

I will be linking up to Katy's blog when she has the link up.  In the meantime you could always look at all the other Sew All 26 outfits posted on her blog.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. This is really sweet.... that book is darling! Right now I'm too busy making things for my little daughters to start hope chests for their babies, but I love the idea and want to do it when they are older. =)

    1. Of course you are too busy! You are blessed with three very little girls and you are so young. Someday, when they are teenagers you can begin thinking about the hope chests and maybe they will be interested in adding to the chests, too. I love seeing what you make your girls!


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