Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Oliver+S 'Ice Cream Dress' for Dr. Suess Day

Ice Cream Dress Front.  The blue peeking through the notch at the neckline is the hanger.  This is a size 3.
 This is my very first 'Ice Cream Dress' (but not my last).  I bought the paper pattern a couple of years ago but never made it up until this year.  I don't know why I waited!  It is a charming little dress pattern with wonderful instructions that looks adorable on every little girl I have seen wearing it.  You can still buy the pattern (in PDF format only) at Oliver+S.  I will need the larger size soon and will search for a paper version as I am not fond of PDFs but... this is one that I would get in PDF format if necessary.  It is that good!

This was made for my little friend Chloe to wear to her preschool's Dr. Suess Day last March.  The class had  Dr. Suess themed activities for several weeks leading up to this special culminating event.  I used red Kona cotton and two Cat In the Hat fabrics that I found on-line.

Aren't the notched pockets and neckline cute?  The pockets were from a panel of The Cat's antics meant for a quilt.  The only change I made to the pattern was to completely line the pockets.  I did so for two reasons.  The blue fabric shadowed through the white and I like the way I can make the curved bottom of the pocket smoother with a lining.

Ice Cream Dress back.

Cute button and loop closure.
 These next pictures show Chloe on Dr. Suess Day.  She has worn the dress several times.  Her mother liked it so much that she had her wear it for her preschool graduation.  I love to see the things I make worn!
Styled with boots and tights by Chloe herself.
 A model in the making:

With hat made in preschool.
 Goodbye!  See you soon with the second 'Ice Cream' dress!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Oliver+S Butterfly Blouse & Skirt

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

 This lovely set is for my little friend Chloe who will be five at the end of the summer and starting kindergarten in the Fall.    I have been enjoying sewing little gifts for Chloe for a while now but it seems that I have stepped up my production since I have neglected this blog!  I have lots to catch up on and share!
Front of the O+S Butterfly Skirt

Elastic Casing back of O+S Butterfly Skirt.  This is a truer color of the fabric.
Chloe's mother is a dear friend of mine and appreciates everything I make for Chloe but she has fallen in love with the O+S brand of patterns so I have been branching out in my sewing.  I have fallen in love with the Oliver+S patterns.  It took me long enough, didn't it?!

I made only one change to the pattern.  I added buttonhole elastic so that it would fit longer.  The pink ribbon is to facilitate hanging the skirt on a regular hanger.
 It has alternated with rainy overcast weather or blazing hot weather so taking photos has been a challenge.  The outside photos were taken at 8:30 PM right after a storm.
O+S Butterfly Blouse Front
 I used a large rose floral that has been 'mellowing' in my stash for at least a decade or more for the skirt which was a dream to sew.  So quick and easy!  I used a pale yellow Imperial batiste, vintage ecru French lace, and an ecru Venice lace butterfly for my heirloom version of the blouse.  I made Chloe the size 4 but will have to size up for the next one.  She is growing like a flower in the Florida sun!
Oliver+S Butterfly back.
 I made the blouse more time/energy consuming due to the heirloom sewing techniques and completely lining the bodice up to the peplum.  I love the dainty effect the lace gives the delicate sheer fabric and would do it this way again.
Delicate button and loop closure.  This pale yellow is truer to real life. 
 The button loop gave me the most trouble!!!  I am out of practice!  I haven't made one in years and kept making it too loose.  This was my third try.  I don't know how long it will hold and I am thinking that I will be getting the blouse back to repair it when Chloe plays in it.
 I hand stitched the Venice lace butterfly on invisibly with very light weight ecru thread and made a flight trail with Anchor floss.
Vintage French lace on the sleeves.

Lined bodice of the O+S Butterfly Blouse.
 This last picture shows the outfit on Chloe when she tried it on earlier this week.  Chloe's mom, Kaye, says that she is saving this outfit for school.  The butterfly sleeves will make it cool and comfortable for our very HOT Autumn temperatures here in sunny Florida.
This ensemble was a pleasure to sew!  I have a pair of shorts made to go with the blouse that I will share soon but next up is an Oliver+S Ice Cream dress to celebrate Dr. Suess that I made Chloe earlier in the year.
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