Sunday, April 6, 2014

"S" is for Soft & Pretty Slips, School & Showers

I confess that I have neglected this blog to immerse myself in other things... lots of happy, lovely things.  I am having the most wonderful time with my kindergarten class.  It is so much fun to watch them grow academically, socially, and behaviorally.  It is a joy to go to work everyday!  I am so blessed!

My big news is that my sweet niece Kelly got engaged to a lovely young man on Valentine's Day and will be married this August.  I have the delightful privilege of hosting her Florida bridal shower in the first week of July!  It will be a Tea Party Shower and I am having such fun planning the menu, gifts, etc.

I believe Kelly met Josh at their church and they are just perfect for each other!  He is doing graduate work on his Master's in Divinity while managing a restaurant.  Kelly will finish her Master's in Counseling this May.  She has spent the years between her BA in psychology and her current studies in counseling in the mission field, most notably with extended stays in different parts of Africa.  She is petite, caring, kind, compassionate, loving, gracious, and beautiful both inside and out.  I am beyond happy for her!

Well, I've discussed School and the Shower, now for Slips!

Dresses and skirts always hang better over an appropriate slip, whether you are 2 or 92!  I have made so many slips that I couldn't even begin to tell you how many.  The first one pictured is one of my favorites to make:  Martha Pullen's Fancy Slip and Pant*ies.  It is easy to make and comfortable to wear and the embellishments make the slip special.  My Victoria-Rose had many of these slips. One favorite one was in soft pink Imperial batiste to match a pink French sewn Easter dress.   I have seen small size versions of this slip used as a little sundress over fancy pant*ies.  This one was made a couple of years ago for the little girl of a young woman I had taught to smock.

This half slip is very quick and easy to sew.  The fullness is perfect for under the full gathered skirt of a basic yoke dress.

Here is another half full slip.  This one was made for Cassidy several years ago to wear under the lavender floral dress I smocked for her.  She loved it so much and her mommy thought it was so fancy that she wore it as a skirt!!  She rarely wore the slip under the dress as intended.

 Here is Cassidy in the lavender smocked dress.

A blessing for you:
May your life be like a 
growing freely in the 
and joy of each day.
Native American Proverb


  1. Oh. my, those are some beautiful slips! I particularly love the one with lavender accents... and the smocked dress that goes with it is just beautiful!
    That tea party shower is going to be beautiful! Congratulations to your niece! =)

    1. Thank you, Charity! I am so excited about the things that I am getting for Kelly and especially making for her.

  2. Just stunning!! I love slips under little girl's dresses.

    1. Thank you, Angela. I love them, too. My daughter always felt so pretty in them when she was little and they make the dress hang so much nicer when worn.

  3. A good slip is hard to find these days in stores so sewing them is definitely the way to go. The trim on the slips makes them extra special.:)

    Congratulations to Kelly and Josh! I'm sure the bridal shower will be fabulous.

  4. Lovely. I'd love to see you join link up with us at the Inspire Us Thursdays! link party at

  5. What a lovely post - Cassidy looks so cute in her dress - I have a great admiration for smocked dresses. I tried smocking once and was so hopeless at it...
    My daughter had a slip to wear under a party dress when she was small, and like Cassidy, it rarely was worn "under" anything - she adored that thing and wore it to death. You have brought back some very special memories for me with this post... and as always, your creations are wonderful - you are quite the talented seamstress!

  6. very nice.... lovely............. mark...........mark..... i love it........... LOL.


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