Thursday, March 16, 2017

Project Run & Play Sew Along: "Greenery" Skirt & Detachable Aprons

 I will be linking this post to the  Project Run & Play Season 13 Sew Along Contest HERE.  Don't forget to check out the other inspired outfits after reading this post.

I travel about 30-40 minutes to and from school everyday depending on the time of day and traffic.  Mornings are reserved for prayer and planning of the school day.  Afternoons I allow myself to sew in my imagination.  I think about the fabrics in my stash and dream about what to make with them.  Last week I couldn't get the fabrics I used in my entry to the sew along contest for Project Run & Play's "Greenery" theme out of my head.  There were just some smallish pieces left but they were begging to be used.

My thoughts:  "Well, hmmmmm.....there might be enough to cobble together a skirt for Chloe, my little six year old friend. to make it special?  I know!  I could make an apron skirt, better yet, I could make it detachable.  Wait!  I could make the apron reversible! No, wait a minute... I could make more than one!"

Oh my, I couldn't wait to begin!

Fabric remnants and a vintage table runner from my stash of 'rescued' linens.  
 I didn't have enough of the Hawthorne Threads "Botany" fabrics to make the waistband of the skirt but my Heart Sister Jana had given me a piece of green fabric that went perfectly with the theme.  I also found a linen table runner in my stash that was perfect to use for one of the aprons.  I had some beautiful antique glass buttons to use on the skirt from my friend Jackie's mother's button box and some green ribbon that would pick up the darker green of the lime leaves in one of the prints.  I was ready!  Now what to do for the other side?  Applique!  Easter is right around the corner.
Chloe with the vintage table runner apron buttoned onto the skirt with antique green glass buttons.
The skirt can also be worn without the aprons

Applique side of the vintage linen apron with a 'chocolate bunny' and 'candy eggs.
I hand stitched ecru French lace with green floss around the perimeter of the vintage
 hand embroidered side of the apron and added little
 green flower buttons in the corners.
  I used the "Kate" scalloped apron pattern from Violette Fields Threads to make the apron with the shell colored background and the limes.  I used some green gingham to make the waistband on this one.
More buttons from the stash added with pink and green floss to decorate a purchased white shirt to go with all three 'looks'.

Chloe said that she loved all the aprons but really loved the vintage hand embroidered one the best.  I love that she loves the embroidery!
 We had fun doing this photo shoot!
I leave you with this sweet photo of Chloe and her baby brother Hudson.  I enjoyed making this day dream a reality.  I hope you liked it, too!


  1. I can't pick a favorite apron! I love the bunnies, but the scallops are adorable, too! Great job again this week!

  2. This is such a great idea with the aprons!!! I'm all about getting the most band for my buck on a creation. And... You even used a common fabric with D&H... That's great!

  3. Oh, how CUTE! I love the aprons, but particularly the embroidered one. And the buttons are a perfect finishing touch!

  4. She'll be so upset when she grows out of these!

  5. Thank you, ladies! This entry was so much fun to do! The whole process was a pleasure and Chloe's delight in the outfit was like being awarded an Oscar! She went to see her grandparents last week and wore it with the bunny apron.


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