Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Hope Chest Inspired Shower, Part 8: The Baby Bonnet & Bibs

 You might think that a baby bonnet and bibs would have no place at a Bridal Shower but... remember the theme of my gift to my niece!

I had determined to make my gift representative of the things typically found in a hope chest of yesteryear (updated, of course). (See the end of this post for the links to the original post and the gifts posted thus far.) This was a "Hope Chest" (basket) filled with things that I made or collected for my wonderful niece.  Along with my hope that Kelly be blessed with a wonderful marriage, I also hold the hope that Kelly and Josh will be blessed with children some day.  In  Rebekah Wilson's book, she discusses the wide variety of things that would be placed in a hope chest of 'yesterday'.  Among the items one would save/make/collect would be family heirlooms like blessing or christening gowns and special baby items.  Young girls would often make things for their future children and place them in their hope chests or the 'bottom drawer' of their dressers if they didn't have a designated hope chest.

A great resource book about Hope Chests and what goes in them.

Like the bread cloth I shared in my last post (see HERE), this gift was made using a family vintage tablecloth, this time from my mother.  When our mother died, my sister and I discovered this cloth on a shelf in her linen closet.  We remembered it from the Easter dinners my mother would host for all of us when our children were little.  It was badly stained and my efforts in getting the stains out resulted in the fabric fibers disintegrating where I worked too hard.  The rest of the tablecloth was in excellent shape so I saved it to re-purpose into something new that would have sentimental value for my sister and myself (and hopefully  our children).  Baby clothes for our children's children fit the bill perfectly!

Kelly loved this little set and was touched that it was made with something that belonged to another of her grandmothers.  
So pretty but in really bad shape.

I used a commercial pattern (Simplicity 1794) to design the bonnet and two bibs.  I love that the bonnet can be worn three ways, as it is completely reversible.  I lined the bonnet in a tiny blue and white pima cotton check.  (Another set has been cut out to make for my own daughter's hope chest.)

The bonnet can be worn with the embroidered/appliqued side showing and the brim down for shading a baby's little face.

Gingham side out.

My favorite way to have the bonnet worn:  gingham side out with the fancy side folded to the outside.
Bib #1:  The Feeding Bib
Bib #2:  The Drool Bib
I have one more post of gifts made for Kelly's Hope Chest Inspired Shower Gift and hope to have it posted after Valentine's Day.  ( I have some Valentines Day sewing to share first!)

If you wish to see the initial post about the Tea Party Shower or some of the other gifts I made, please see the links below: 

Have a wonderful day!  


  1. I love that this sweet set is made with a vintage tablecloth! Each piece is darling. =)

  2. It's lovely, Karen! What a lovely way to give new life to the heirloom tablecloth.

  3. So beautiful, Karen! I absolutely agree that baby items would have been in a hope chest. I have two half-finished baby quilts STILL in my hopechest. I started them almost 40 years ago. LOL. These will be a treasure to Kelly.


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