Thursday, February 12, 2015

Emma's Clever Charlotte Any Day Valentine Outfit

Clever Charlotte Chickadee Skirt & Raven Hoodie

Emma is one of my favorite little sewing muses.  This little just-turned seven year old is as charming and beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.  It is always fun to sew for Emma!

Emma in some of the many outfits I have made for her.

This little shirt was purchased on sale and cost less than $6.  I embellished it with a pretty floral that reminds me of Monet's watercolors (only brighter).  The inspiration for the heart design is from this Pin on one of my boards on my Pinterest account.  I chose this particular print to go with a Clever Charlotte 'Raven' Hoodie that I made Emma last October as I wanted her to have more opportunities to wear the hoodie.  It was made using a gray feather-wale corduroy and an orange swirl print for the lining.   (I will post that outfit closer to October 2015 as it is an autumn outfit.)  

I really loved the short sleeved style of the hoodie and the fact that it is completely lined.  My only issue with the pattern is the way the sleeve edges are sewn...and I am working on another way to sew them.  Otherwise, the Raven Hoodie was a dream to sew.    When I made it last October, I paired it with a Clever Charlotte 'Chickadee' skirt.  Another great pattern with a completely finished (lined) interior and a perfect fit with a clever adjustable back waist.  Emma loved them so I made another Chickadee skirt in the orange/red/yellow floral lined in the same orange swirl print as the hoodie.  Emma is tall but very slender.  I made the skirt and hoodie in a size 5 with a length of a 6.


I have only the one picture of the new skirt as I deleted the folder the photos were in!  (Goodness!  I can't believe that I did that!) You can see that I used the same vintage button on the skirt (not functional) as I put on the lace top I bought for Emma to wear with the gray outfit last October.  
The very clever top-stitching on the Chickadee skirt completely encloses the last opening left when sewing the lining to the fashion fabric.

Clever Charlotte Rave Hoodie
 Check out the little hand embroidered monogram on the inside of the hood!  Sweet, right?  Well.....this was to cover up where I slipped with the scissors and snipped a tiny hole in the hood!

I hope it is hard to see where I snipped!
I'll be bringing my camera to school this week in hopes that Emma wears it to school.  I would love to be able to show you how well this outfit looks on a live model.

Blessings for a day filled with happiness!


  1. I just found your blog. Do you have any smocking designs with butterflies?

    1. Yes, I do have many I have purchased but none that I have created, Therefore, I don't have any to sell. If you google butterfly smocking plates you will find many for sale in heirloom sewing shops and etsy. Good luck and enjoy the smocking adventure!

  2. That is really cute! I the coordinating outfits.

  3. So cute, I do love Clever Charlotte patterns. Really well designed and just a little bit quirky.
    I can't remember the sleeve finish off hand, I wonder what I did....
    xx N


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