Saturday, April 10, 2010

More for the Portrait Gallery

I am adding a few more pictures to the Portrait Gallery (see side bar of my blog). The picture above is of darling Natalie and her grandmother's dog. The dress is one of my favorites and is smocked with a Pat Garretson design. Her beautiful smocking designs can be found at
Here Natalie is wearing an adorable bonnet with a scalloped brim and a lace trimmed frill framing her beautiful little face.

This is the lovely Catherine in an eyelet dress nearly identical to Natalie's with the same smocking design stitched in shades of pink. I really think these eyelet dresses make lovely special portrait clothing. They are classically pretty and so very feminine.

If you have the time, check out the other sweeties in special outfits made by me.


  1. You are right, they do make perfect portrait dresses. They are beautiful no matter what the occasion!!!

  2. Oh Karen...ALL of these dresses, including Emma's butterfly one, are just exquisite! What a difference it makes, seeing them on a real tiny little girl! :-) You do such beautiful work & I TOTALLY agree with you on the eyelet. Classic!

  3. What beautiful baby girls! And beautiful smocked dresses, too!

  4. Karen, these are fabulous!!! You are so talented.


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