Sunday, March 17, 2013

Briar Rose's Dress-Up Cape for Delaney Kate

 My youngest godchild is almost three years old.  It is so hard to believe that time goes so fast!  It feels like I just made her embroidered onesies!  She is a beautiful little blond blue-eyed sweetie who is really into princesses and considers herself one.  So a princess needs a cape to go over the ball gown, right?

I made this one following the directions in the book Scrap Saver's 101 Great Little Gifts.  The book was published in 1994 and I found it in a thrift shop for $2.  The cape is sized to fit a child aged 2-6 but Delaney's 9 year old sister Cassidy is enjoying wearing it, too.
 I have next to no shiny/slippery fabric in my stash so I purchased a yard of each of these colors from Jo-Ann's.  The colors reminded me of Briar Rose's dress that the faeries in Disney's Sleeping Beauty movie argued over and kept changing.  The neckline casing has elastic in it and can be slipped over the head after tying for those many quick changes little ones want without re-tying over and over. It can also be worn with the blue side out.
I made Delaney a little sundress, too, that I will share in a day or so.  Have a wonderful, peaceful, and fun-filled Sunday!

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  1. Oooo, it reminds me of the one worn by Cinderella's fairy godmother, when she is changing the pumpkin into a carriage!
    I know the girls will have hours of imaginative playtime with this sweet gift.
    Isn't sewing that slippery stuff fun? LOL

    Hugs & Happy St. Patrick's Day, Honey,


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