Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kaitlyn Models the Piano Recital Dress

My daughter and I are working on the blog banner.  It isn't finished yet!  It suits her 16 year old sense of design and style but not quite mine.  A little more fine tuning will suit my style.  Love the little drawing of the faery, though!
Kaitlyn's mommy sent me the photo of Kaitlyn at the piano at her church.  She played during the service!  Doesn't she look angelic?  I am so pleased that she has had so many opportunities to wear the dress I made earlier this year.  Besides this performance, she was in two recitals and also wore the dress for her first grade portraits.
I took the photos below when she wore the dress to school for picture day.  It made me smile every time I caught a glimpse of her.


  1. I remember when you made this dress. It looks wonderful on her!

  2. Karen, What a beautiful dress. It certainly made me smile too!

  3. I'm so glad to be able to see the dress on sweet Kaitlyn. I remember the dress hanging up after you finished it and posted a photo. It must feel so very wonderful so know that this creation from your heart and hands is bringing its receiver ongoing pleasure!

  4. Thank you, sweet ladies! Yes, it did make me feel wonderful!

  5. What a lovely little lady in a most lovely dress!!!


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