Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gracie's Petal Knot Dress

This little dress was made because I fell in love with a fat quarters bundle!  Yes, I know.  I shouldn't even look in that section!  I just loved the pretty pastel colors and the prints.  The little ballerina girls were so darling in their colorful outfits that I just HAD to buy the one and only bundle they had of these prints.  (Not like I don't have any fabric in my closets, right?)  As soon as I got home I had to see what went with it in my stash and I found the pretty mottled blue and yellow mini print pieces in my fat quarter stash.  
I knew immediately that I wanted to make another Petal Knot Dress (pattern "Claire" by Portabellopixie).  I love the planning process.  I love deciding what pattern to use, what fabric to use for what piece, what trims, etc.  The size of the fabric quarters pretty much determined that this would be a small size dress so I went with size 2.  I sketched what I wanted the dress to look like with the sections labeled with the fabric names, washed the fabric, and placed everything in a plastic bag to 'cure'  Really, I had so many more things to do and this wasn't earmarked for anyone special that it was just put away on the back burner.
Just before school let out for the summer I made a couple of things just because I wanted to and to see if I could sell them. I brought them in to school and all three items sold within 15 minutes! I was thrilled! My friend Karen bought this dress set for her youngest grandchild.  Gracie is little Emma's younger cousin.  (See Emma Models here.)  Photos are coming of beautiful Gracie modeling her new dress.  Karen takes wonderful photographs!
 Aren't the little ballerinas cute?

This knot is what sold me on this pattern!  I love the petal shape!


  1. Really cute dress. great fabric combos!

  2. Oh Karen, this little ballerina dress is soooo cute! I would have had to have the fabric too, and well, I have more than enough as well. But I love it! The dress is lovely.

  3. Thank you for the sweet words!


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