Sunday, July 18, 2010

Charm's Everyday Baby Clothes

I just love ruffles on cute little baby tu*shies!  I can't tell you how many pairs of pant*ies had ruffles, ribbons, lace, and rosettes added to them for my daughter when she was a baby!  Her play clothes were 'dressier' than most babies wear for everyday.  Well, when Charm's mommy said that she wanted 'less fancy' clothing for Charm (my newest godchild) I was a little stumped about what to make.  My typical frilly, smocked, lace-dripping things weren't going to 'fit the bill'.  I finally came up with some casual sets that I think Lauri will use for sweet Charm.
This is the first of a few sets I made and gave Lauri at her baby shower.  I took a pink baby undershirt and added a little hand embroidery.  Then found some easy-care plisse in my stash and made a diaper cover and a decorated 'bidie'.  (A bidie is what my family calls a 'burp cloth'.)  I think that the set came out cute.  I've embroidered und*ies before but they were worn by my daughter under her other clothing.  :)

The embroidery stitches were those I learned from my own godmother, Janet Hughes (my mother's sister) when I was a little girl and she would come to Florida to visit us in the wintertime.  These are simple stitches you can find in any embroidery book:  blanket stitch on the sleeves, feather stitch on the neckline, lazy daisy leaves and flowers, French knots, and pinwheel flowers.
The ruffles were a long strip of fabric gathered down the middle and applied to the back of a pair of bloomers from a favorite pattern. The fabric edges were just folded over and pressed, then rolled and whipped with a zig-zag on my trusty old Elna Diva.
More sets to come!  Maybe this will be the catalyst for some ideas for other casual sets for the modern mamas.  Let me know if you come up with others.  I will be happily sewing for sweet Charm for lots of years!

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