Saturday, June 30, 2018

Project Run & Play Season 16: Signature Style Sew-Along Part 2

Tangerine For Chloe

This child!  This child has my heart!  This is nearly eight year old Chloe, the daughter of a dear friend and former teaching colleague, Kaye.  I have 'known' Chloe since she was just the proverbial "twinkle in her mama's eyes".  She is sweet, smart, kind, spicy, artistic, creative, loyal, and loving.  She has an imagination unrivaled by her peers.  She IS a mermaid.

I made Chloe another "Luna" dress because the style is just so her! Bohemian/artistic/imaginative!  The first one was made just a little over a year ago but the bodice is too tight to get on now.  The pattern has a simple skirt without a placket so once a child grows a bit in the chest/shoulders area, it becomes too small even though the bodice itself is roomy.  Read on to see how I conquered this problem!

This was Chloe's first "Luna" .  (Blogged HERE.)
Chloe loved going out to lunch and then having our photo shoot.  
The next day she told her mother that she just had so much fun
 and that she felt like a princess!  

Pattern:  Violette Fields Threads "Luna", size 7, (a tad large right now)
Fabric:  Cori Dantini Hello World floral,
"Depths" by Alison Glass for Andover Fabrics, 
and a house green all from Hawthorne Threads.
Trims and Buttons:  my stash
The arrow in the bottom left photo is pointing to line drawing of a mermaid.
  Perfect for Chloe!
If you are familiar with the "Luna" pattern, you will notice that I have changed the back bodice up a bit in the above photo to solve the tightness issue.   I added a two and a half inch bias bound continuous placket to the back skirt and a second set of ties.  The bodice is actually quite roomy once it gets past the shoulders.  This version of the dress will fit Chloe much longer than her first one.

Mirrors are wonderful for showing both sides of a dress at once!

These photos show the placket and ties.

These poses are all her own!  She was cracking us up!

Well, this is the last hurrah for Season 16 of Project Run & Play.
 It was a lot of fun to sew along with the challenges.  
The best part, though, was seeing the outfits on the 
little girls for whom I made them
 and watching them enjoy the clothes.  

Please check out the Signature Styles for the primary contestants HERE 
and the sew-along contestants HERE.


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