Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year's Aspirations for 2015

"The Principal Business of Life is to Enjoy It."

Samuel Butler

I find, as I get older, that I have spent so much time being mature, responsible, grown-up, and adult that I sometimes forget to just have fun!  Yes, life is serious, but joyous, too, and  we are meant to savor it.  Just gaze at the look of euphoria on little Chloe's face last Easter when she was finding eggs on our front lawn.  We should find little things everyday that make us feel like that!

I prefer to set forth my Aspirations rather than the formal Resolutions typical of this time of year.  They are the steps to take for the dreams, hopes, desires, and wishes I hold for 2015.

My daughter, Victoria-Rose, and I had a fun but rather hot time in Downtown Disney this past July.

Aspirations for 2015
(Not in any special order.)

  1. Write in my Gratitude Journal more often.  (I wish I could say 'daily but I know that I would be setting myself up for failure!)   
  2. Daily Devotions/Reading in the morning to begin the day.
  3. Make time for physical pampering weekly.  
  4. Go to sleep (or at least be in bed) before midnight...every night (or at least most nights).
  5. Remember to find the five best parts of my day and give thanks as I go to sleep.
  6. Become ESOL certified.  (I need 60 more continuing education hours in this area before June!)
  7. Write one 'snail mail' letter a month.
  8. Make time and PLAN for fun!  (Weekly dates with Tim and/or the children?)  
  9. Walk more!  Move more!  Dance?!
  10. Make a photo book on a site like Shutterfly.
  11. Blog more than last year.  (This should be easy.  I only blogged eleven times last year!)   Maybe once a week (or more).
  12. Complete three or more UFO's in the sewing room.
  13. Complete holiday/birthday or 'deadline' sewing at least a week in advance.  (This would relieve stress!)
  14. Use at least two of the vintage patterns in my collection in 2015.
  15. Use at least two of the Oliver + S patterns in my collection.

Planned Fun:  Lukas Nursery in Sanford, Florida

We spent a lovely but very hot day at Lukas Nursery in Seminole County last July.  What an amazing place!  A huge selection of gorgeous plants and a Butterfly Encounter with 'flying flowers', quail, and finches.  The encounter is one of the 25 largest tourist attractions in Central Florida and admission is only $6!

Sweet husband Tim and me each with a butterfly feeding on nectar on our fingers.

"Remember that some of the secret joys of living are not found by rushing from point A to point B, but by inventing some imaginary letters along the way."  Douglas Pagels


  1. Those are some great aspirations! I like the idea of writing a snail-mail letter once a month. I think I'll add that to my list. =)

    1. Thank you, Charity! So far, the hardest aspirations to attain are the self-pampering and getting to bed before midnight!

  2. I like your aspirations, Karen!:)

    1. Thank you, Cindy. I am doing well on accomplishing some of them but others are lagging behind a bit!

  3. I like how you said aspirations rather than resolutions. It has encouraged me to write down mine too. And you have a really great family, who looks very happy. Congratulations.

    1. Thank you, Maya. I am blessed. I feel optimistic about meeting many of these aspirations this year. I need to do more 'snail mail' writing to friends, though!

    2. Thank you, Maya. I am blessed. I feel optimistic about meeting many of these aspirations this year. I need to do more 'snail mail' writing to friends, though!


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