Monday, July 30, 2012

A Different Vintage Pillowcase Sundress

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I just adore old hand embroidered, crocheted, and hem stitched linens.  When I see them in antique stores, resale shops, flea markets, and yard sales I am impelled to 'resue' them!  I KNOW how long it took to do that kind of work by hand and I just can't stand to see them lying there forgotten and neglected!  I often use them in my own home but others go in my stash to be used in making 'new' pretty things.  I like to think that the ladies who made them long ago are watching me and smiling as I set a table with their pretty cloths or make a dress for a little girl using their linens.

This blue cotton pillowcase was in perfect condition but was very badly soiled when I purchased it at an antique store.  It soaked for several days in a Biz Bucket and came out beautifully.  I used Madora's Sundress and Jumper by Beaucoup, an old pattern that you can still purchase at different heirloom sewing shops such as:     and

The mitered gingham ribbon is on both front and back bodices.  This little dress was a size two and was given as a gift for a friend's granddaughter.  Wouldn't it be lovely if you have some of your own family's vintage linens that you could turn into an heirloom dress for a cherished daughter or granddaughter?

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