Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January and February Sewing Plans

I have a very hard time doing just one thing at a time! I bet most of you are much more orderly than I am. My mind starts going in so many directions that I feel like I have to begin at once before I forget what I was thinking about doing!

These are the five projects I want to complete before the end of February. By blogging about these plans, I hope to make myself complete them on time! This first one was actually designed in November and will probably go into my Grandmother's Hope Chest. (Do you have one of those, too?) The floral is a lovely piece I bought on sale a couple of years ago. It has a lovely 'hand' and washed and ironed beautifully. The little bodice will be hand embroidered on butter yellow cotton with designs from an AS&E magazine. The dress is not cut out but the bonnet piece has been pleated for smocking and the embroidery for the dress is 75% complete.

Project #2 is for a size two sundress/hat/and panties. The tiny bodice will be hand embroidered and the skirt smocked. This set has been cut out.
Project #3 will be a sundress and panties. The dress will be made using a vintage pillowcase. Isn't the crochet work lovely? This tiny bodice will also be embroidered. Nothing has been done on this project except for picking out flosses for the embroidery that coordinate with the vintage hand work on the pillowcase.
Project #4 is a commissioned piece for a 6 year old's recital dress. The fabric has been washed but I still need to order some black polished cotton for this one. Maybe tomorrow?

Project #5: "Butterflies for Emma". This is a two piece outfit for a little cutie's second birthday. Emma's grandmother babysat for my furbabies in exchange for this set. I love this arrangement! I get to make special things for a beautiful little girl in exchange for having my dogs taken care of by the most loving and caring woman. The fabric is washed and ironed and the pattern has been traced (but not cut out).
Okay, now I have to show you some progress by the end of the week, right? I better get busy! Have a great day!


  1. I don't know how you do it all. Do you ever sleep?

  2. will be anxiously waiting to see these beauties.

  3. Each one looks like it will be a true work of art, Karen! You are SEW talented & I love how you've sketched them out with notations & design changes. Signs of a true artist.


  4. Thank you, my friends! Knowing that you are waiting to see progress got me moving a little more this week. Rett, I make little sketches and notations because I will forget what I am doing if I don't write it down! lol


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