Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Thoughts

It was time to take down the little Autumn Tree in my kitchen annex today. I loved the little faery in the branches that I found in Home Goods in September. Faeries make me smile! Next weekend I hope to have this tree all decked out in angels for the Winter holidays.

As I put the flowers and bows back in the boxes used to store all the Autumn decorations I had time to reflect on how very lucky I am. I have a wonderful life! I am married to a truly GOOD man whom I love and who loves me. I have two miracle babies that have grown into remarkable teenagers. My mother is getting close to her 81st birthday and is able to spend time every week with us. I have a sweet and caring sister who had us all over for Thanksgiving. I have dear, dear friends, a church I feel at home in, a job I love, sewing internet friends, and great neighbors. All my needs are being met. God is good....ALL the time! Thank you. Thank you, God!


  1. Oh Karen, what a beautiful sentiment! Your gratitude is infectious & so wonderful to hear. You work long & hard & yet never complain. I hope you're feeling better & will be back to full speed very soon.


  2. Dear Karen,
    What a pleasure to see this lovely autumnal tree and to think of its tranformation to an angel tree (please post photo). Your gratitude is indeed infectious and a potent reminder of the goodness around us. Love you! Jana


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