Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Homecoming Sweetie

My lovely daughter, Victoria-Rose went to the Homecoming Dance last night with her friends. Isn't she beautiful? It is hard for me to believe that we were waiting for her almost 16 years ago. It feels like yesterday! She was a wonderful baby, toddler, little girl, and tween and now she is an amazing young woman. My angel-baby is almost grown-up. I keep saying that I wish I could freeze time just a little so that I could have more time with my children. I am so very blessed!


  1. Oh Karen....VR is stunning! Wowzers...that RED looks awesome on her & that peaches & cream skin just makes me GREEN with envy.

    I hope she had a WONDERFUL time & made lots of memories. I can remember my first homecoming dance from waaaaay back. I even remember the outfit that I wore! Sure wish it still fit! LOL


  2. Oh Karen, V-R looks wonderful! What a beauty! I hope she had a marvelous time!

  3. She is a vision of inner and outer beauty! What a fun and gorgeous ensemble. xo, Jana


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