Thursday, November 12, 2009

Holiday Ensemble for 18" Dolls

I made this ensemble for our PTA to raffle at our Fall Festival. I also made a little girl's outfit for a second raffle. I'll post those pictures another day. I was delighted by the response to the outfits and thrilled to be able to help out in this way. I was so pleased that this raffle was won by one of my former students who just loves her American Girl Dolls. I wonder which one of Hannah's dolls will wear this on Christmas Day?

The dress fabric is a late 1990's Daisy Kingdom print that was sent to me by one of my sewing friends on a sewing forum that brings me much inspiration and joy. Thank you, Marilyn! The French lace around the neck was tea-dyed to match the cream color in the print and the tiny red buttons were left from a dress I made my daughter 13 years ago.

The ivory eyelet was given to me by another dear friend who inherited it from a sewing angel named Julie. Thank you, Audra! It was exactly enough for the panties and petticoat. I know Julie is smiling in heaven knowing that a little girl was made so happy by her gift.


  1. Karen how cute is that!!!! I was floored when I saw that little dress.. Would have never thought to use them for dolls... Great cause!!! Can't wait to see what you do with the others..

  2. Beautiful little dress with puffed sleeves and a romantic, cozy cape! How Hannah will delight in getting her dolly dressed up for Christmas. What a gift you have given. this little outfit is filled with gift upon gift, is it not? Heart hugs, Jana

  3. I think she needs to go see the Nutcracker in that outfit! It's perfect for it! So festive and classy! You did a great job, Karen, and I'm sure that the PTA appreciates you donating for their cause.


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