Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back to School!

Sewing For the First Day

Tomorrow will be the first day back to school for many of the country's children. Mommies and grammies everywhere are putting the finishing touches on their little darlings First Day outfits, making special lunches for the brand new lunch boxes (and writing love notes), and packing up the school supplies for the big event. Some have even arranged a bouquet and/or polished an apple or two for the new teacher. Here in Florida, our first day was August 25th and I had the privilege of making my godchild's First Day of Kindergarten dress. I also have the pleasure of being her teacher! The photo at the top of this post is of my godchild, Cassidy, and me before school started on the 25th.

Making her dress brought back sweet memories of making my own daughter's school wardrobe. I not only made her First Day outfits, I made her a special dress for every day of the first week of school! My sweet Victoria-Rose is now a sophomore in high school and she has long outgrown the desire to wear themed school clothing. Luckily, I still get to make these special outfits for other special little girls!

I have selected some of my favorite First (or Second) Day outfits
to share with you:

Appliqued Apples (For V-Rose)

First Day of First Grade (V-R)

Swiss embroidered collar and appliqued pinafore bib that tied under the arms
with red satin ribbons.

The dress could be worn without the over bib, too.
First Day of Pre-K (Cassidy)
A dress of many pockets a la Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes.
Appliqued Apples Dress and Shorts (Abbey)

Cassidy's First Day of Kindergarten

Paper-Pieced Apple for Ashlyn's First Day of Kindergarten
Back View of Victoria-Rose's First Day of Kindergarten Dress

Front View
This is one of my favorite dresses!

Counterchange Smocking For Ashlyn
I loved making this dress. The colors were so pretty on Ashlyn!


  1. I love the appliqued apples with their little seeds! Also, V-Rose's first day of first grade ... the plaid and white is so classic. I agree with you on V-Rose's kindergarten 1st day dress being one of the most adorable ever! It's quintessential kindergarten in every way. Such lovely, loving creations ... so many blessings going out from your hands and heart and who knows how many little girls will wear them as they are passed along.

  2. Thank you, Jana! Your kind words warm my heart!


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