Sunday, July 25, 2021

Something From Nearly Nothing

Refurbishing Jake's Lovey

Lovey:  An object of affection.
               A child's comfort item.
            A child's sleep aid.
           A small child's companion.

My friend Kristen's little boy has a lovey.  A special item that he has had since he was born and adores so much that it was disintegrating rapidly.  Jake decided that because Mrs. Supper (me) made some repairs in the knees of his pants that I could surely fix his Bear Bear as good as new.  His mother was rightfully skeptical and told him that she didn't think that anyone would be able to fix him.  The poor thing was threadbare in places and the nose and hands were nearly chewed off! Kristen tried to discourage Jake from making the request.  He did it anyway.

I said that I would try but that I couldn't promise that I could completely fix Bear Bear.  Jake was convinced that I could.  I make dresses for his sister and his friends and I made the holes in his pants disappear.  Surely I could fix something as small as Bear Bear!

This was Bear Bear:

These pictures chronicle the repairs:

Jake was happy!
Me, too!!!

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  1. Well done, indeed. Poor Bear Bear really needed a bit of love and attention, didn't he..


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