Tuesday, July 20, 2021

 Three Year Old 'Graduation'

Children's Corner Madeline For Rosalie

I LOVE this dress!  It was made for little Miss Rosalie two years ago (May 2019) when she was three years old.  I made it for her to wear to her preschool graduation.  Rosalie is one of my favorite little girls to sew for.  She is always so appreciative and effusive in her gratitude.  She warms my heart!  When she would come to school in something I made she would run to me and hug me and say, "Look, Mrs. Supper, I am wearing you!"  Oh, my heart! I can't believe that she is old enough to start kindergarten in August.  Her mommy, Marnie, started her first year as a teacher on my kindergarten team when Rosalie was less than a year old.  What a wonderful teacher she has become in such a short time!
Pretty shoulder covering ruffle edge collar

This dress took some serious time to make when you consider that it didn't have any smocking, applique, sleeves, or hand embroidery!  Those ruffles!  Oh, my goodness!  I thought I would never finish them! But oh, were they worth it!

The skirt took up more than the entire surface of my extra large ironing board!
I used Children's Corner "Madeline" to make this adorable circle skirted dress in a size 4.  It was my first time making this pattern and I wish it came in a larger size it only sized 1-4. (Probably because of the width of the skirt!)  I believe that it is currently out of print but it does come up for resale on eBay and Etsy occasionally.  If you see it, buy it!  It is totally worth the time you will put in to make it!  The fabric was from a fabric bundle I bought from Farmhouse Fabrics.  You can see what I made with the rest of the bundle using another Children's Corner Pattern HERE.

Rosalie loved it!  So did her mommy and grandmother!

Perfect dress for a spinning little Princess!!

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