Thursday, July 22, 2021

 Disney Bound

Rosalie and Bay Max

About a year and a half ago my little friend Rosalie was going to go to Disney World for an adventure.  I had wanted to make a Disney Bound outfit with Bay Max from Big Hero 6 for a while and asked her mommy if Rosalie had seen that particular Disney movie.  Rosalie hadn't but Marnie (mommy) was enthusiastic about sharing the movie with her and liked the idea of me making an outfit with Bay Max in mind.  I had fun with this one but I was under a time constraint and the hand cut and zigzagged applique isn't my best work.  It did look charming on Rosalie, though, and she received many compliments while wearing it.  She also wore the outfit to school making me so happy to see her enjoy it!

An internet search provided a coloring page of Bay Max that I could adapt for the applique and my stash provided all the material needed to make the outfit.

Patterns:  Oliver + S Swing Set Skirt, size 5 and
 Simplicity #4206 adapted for the blouse
Fabrics, Etc.:  Red Imperial Batiste, gray mottled quilting cotton, 
white satin batiste, black and red ribbon 
Pattern Changes:  I lengthened and widened the sleeves for a prettier puff. 
 I switched the outer and lining skirt patterns so that the
 red lining would accent the hem of the skirt.

I doubled the white fabric and fused it together to make the white fabric less sheer.
  I didn't want the gray to shadow through.

A red headwrap bow made using a Little Lizard King pattern was the perfect accessary.

Bay Max was happy to have someone dressed to honor him!

Isn't Rosalie adorable?!

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  1. Oh, that's a fun film! We watched it on a flight, in the Before Times!


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