Friday, July 24, 2015

Chloe's Fourth Birthday Party Clothes

"When I was little, I could hardly do anything. But now I can do lots of things, like braid my own hair and go to nursery school. I'm not a baby anymore. I'm me!"
 From When I Was Little by Jamie Lee Curtis

Sundress worn over her bathing suit.

This is another 'catch-up' post of things I made but didn't share last year.    I made some things for my friend Kaye's daughter, Chloe, for her fourth birthday...last summer.  She had a little celebration with her preschool friends at a splash park. Chloe's favorite color at the time was: Pink, of course.

When Kaye and another friend of ours made the stacked cubes spelling out Chloe's name using scrapbook papers it reminded me of the variety of pink fabrics I had in the same color range.  I immediately knew what I would make!

I started with the sun dress made from a vintage crocheted pillowcase and a hand embroidered vintage table runner.  I used the 1985 Medora's Sundress and Jumper pattern by Beaucoup.  (It can still be found at online stores like It's Sew Heavenly HERE.)

I really loved the embroidery on the table runner!  It was part of a set I found in an antique shop in Decatur, Georgia a couple of years ago.  I still have a little of this left!  

Pink gingham shoulder ties and bloomer-style panties coordinated nicely.

As part of the festivities was to have all the little children decorate their own cupcakes, I made Chloe an apron to wear over the white sundress.  I loved getting a chance to put all these cute fabrics together!
The apron is shown over a pinafore dress I made my daughter 17 years ago...                                                                                           when she was four!

Chloe is a character.  There were five people 'watching' her the night before her party: her daddy and four teenagers.  (Her mommy had to run out to the store for last minute party items.)  The cupcakes were on top of the refrigerator frosted with plain white icing, awaiting the next day's decorating 'event'.  You guessed it...Chloe managed to climb up on the counter, get the cupcakes down without dropping them, and decorate every single one of them herself!  And...not one of the five people 'watching' her noticed a thing.  In fact, it was only discovered when her mommy came home!  The little guests all added MORE to what Chloe started!

These were my first pennant banners and they were so much fun to make!   I used lots of pretty pink/white fabrics and pink bias tape.  I added jingle bells and bows to some of the bottom points.

Everyone had a wonderful time and it was fun to see the things I made being enjoyed at the party!
Two pretty girls:  Chloe and her mommy, Kaye.
May your day be filled with sunshine and smiles!


  1. The little dress made from vintage fabrics and pillowcases is just darling, Karen! Not only that, but the apron is adorable, too. What a lucky little girl Chloe is to receive your sewing talents!! I need to be on the lookout for vintage finds.

    1. It was a lot of fun to work on these things for Chloe's bit day last summer. Using vintage materials and techniques are some of my favorite things to do when sewing.

  2. Chloe's pink dress and apron are so cute! Lucky girl to have a mother that can sew and is creative.
    The cupcake decorating adventure is sweet, funny no one noticed what she was doing. :-)

    1. Thank you for the kind comments! While I wish little Chloe was mine, she is the daughter of a dear friend of mine.

  3. I love the embroidery on the table runner! And the apron and banner turned out darling- the various pinks are really fun together. =)

    1. The banner was fun to do! I need to make one or two for special events at my house.


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