Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Amazing Son

 My son Logan graduates from high school this Tuesday and I am not sure where the time has gone.  The past eighteen years have flown by in a flash.  He went from being an adorable toddler with long (yes, LONG) blond curls who never stopped moving to this tall, handsome young man with a quiet demeanor and a slower pace.

Logan was a miracle baby, a gift from God.  He defied all the odds and was born to me just four months before my 42nd birthday.  Not only was I told that I would never get pregnant, I was told that I could never carry a child, and that a pregnancy would end in miscarriage or would be life threatening for me.  We had just adopted our beautiful daughter and I was consumed with all the delights of motherhood.  I never even knew I was pregnant for the first nine weeks!  It was a high risk pregnancy with me injecting myself twice a day with heparin but we went almost full term.  Logan was born and he has been our delightful, persistent, charmer ever since.  I am grateful every day!

To say that I am proud of him is a vast understatement.  He is kind, caring, funny, hard-working, and smart.  He has taken honors and AP courses throughout high school and has been on the honor roll almost every grading period of his school career.  Last week he received an Excellence in Math Award.  Neither his father nor I would have ever been considered for such an award!!

Both my children went to a magnet high school for the arts where they had to audition to be considered for placement.  Logan auditioned in visual arts, design and technical arts, music performance (piano), and music performance (clarinet).  He was invited to all four departments!  He was the only student ever in the magnet's 26 year history to be accepted by that many disciplines.  The program director called him a Renaissance Man.  Initially, I was disappointed that he chose design and technical arts and not musical performance.  (He plays beautifully.)  But his thinking was sound.  He told me that he didn't want to perform for a living and that he felt that he could learn skills in this program that he might use in his life.  He has specialized in sound design and last week he also received an award for Best Sound Design.  As for using these skills in his 'real life', he has been working the sound board at our Unity church for the past 3 years.

He began piano lessons in first grade and continued to take lessons from a master piano teacher until just two weeks ago.  He plays for his own enjoyment (and ours) but he is uninterested in pursuing piano performance as anything more than a hobby.

Just to indicate Logan's 'well rounded' personality, I should say that he loves fishing and would go nearly every day if he could.  He also played baseball for 10 years and was on the varsity soccer team.  He has been doing the lawn and gardening work for several neighbors for four years and spends much of his vacation time working for a contractor friend.  Yes, Logan is a hard worker!
 Logan has a great sense of humor and always has.  He had my mother wrapped around his finger and could always make her laugh.  As you can tell from the photo above, Logan isn't fond of having his photo taken.  These were taken on Easter Sunday this year and there were MANY outtakes.  He had us all laughing!

One of the many things that I admire my son for is his ability to make and keep friends.  Logan has friends of all ages, including adults many years his senior.   He choses his friends for their character and not for any external, superficial reason.   Yes, I am one proud mother!

I was given this amazing gift.  What an honor it has been to be his mother!


  1. What a lovely testimonial! I had to do those heparin injections with all 5 of my kids. But it's sooooo worth it! :) Congratulations to your son!

    1. Thank you, Lee! I am so glad that you were successful with the heparin five times. How lucky you are to have five beautiful blessings!

  2. Congratulations, Logan!

    Karen, Logan sounds like an impressive young man who is mature beyond his years. You should be proud of him! That last picture is great...really captures the love between the two of you.:)

    1. I love that picture, too! Thank you, Cindy!

  3. Congratulations to him and to you the parents for raising such a fine young man. He sounds pretty impressive. Love the pictures.


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