Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Jana's Tea Time Linens

I have been busy embroidering and constructing a first communion dress as a gift for a former student.  I'll be able to share the dress later this week but I wanted to share these darling linens with you.  None of them were embroidered by me and most are vintage linens found in antique shops in Georgia.  They belong to my sweet friend Jana.  The red work on the left in the photo above is similar to designs republished in a book by EllynAnne Geisel called The Kitchen Linens Book.  Isn't it charming?  The one on the right is more recent.  I believe it was embroidered for Jana by another friend of hers.

The bluebird with the kettle below is a vintage design you can find on the web where people scan vintage (out of copyright) patterns to save for posterity and to share.  There is a whole group of these wonderful ladies on Flicker ensuring that these precious designs aren't lost forever.

 This last one is just too cute with the basket of cherries spilling into the pot to make jam or jelly.
Have a wonderful day!  Do something that makes you happy!  Have more fun!


  1. Oh Karen, so these ever bring back the memories for me! My grandmother did lots & lots of hand embroideries just like them...on pillowcases mostly, but towels, too. She was very good at it.

    I have a few machine embroidery designs that look very much like the old fashioned style. I need to dig them out & use them!


  2. Honey, you should get rid of that verification stuff on the comments...it makes it sooo hard to get a comment to post. Go to the sidebar on my blog & I have the directions written down under "Turn off Word Verification". I bet you'll get lots more comments!


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