Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Tiny Bit of Embroidery and Friendship in a Cup

 These face cloths have just a tiny touch of embroidery but they are stitched with a ton of love.  You see, my darling daughter went away to college this year and I had to get ready.  I needed to do something that would let her know that I love her and miss her every day.  So... I embroidered a dozen face cloths and half a dozen napkins and packed them last August with a pretty new white tea set, a rose embossed stainless tableware set, an electric kettle, loose tea, infuser, another vintage set of embroidered napkins and a vintage table cloth.
The tea set, napkins, etc. were for making new friends.  They have done their job!  She regularly brews tea for friends and I have replaced three broken tea cups/saucers already so I know they are getting used!  I bought plain but pretty white ones at Home Goods last spring because I knew that it would be easy to replace those that got broken with other white sets.  I didn't want her to be concerned if they broke because then she wouldn't have the pleasure of using them without fear.  She even set up a tea station in her dorm lobby last semester during finals for anyone in the dorm to stop and have a cup and a treat during their long study hours.  Both boys and girls loved it. There is magic in a cup of tea.
Rosebuds for my Rosebud on purchased napkins.
The gloves below are those I purchased and then embellished for my dear friend, Jana.  Again, there is just a touch of embroidery but stitched with lots of love.

 These little gifts don't take a lot of time but they are sweet little 'hand-mades' that let the recipient know that they are loved.  Perhaps they could be Mothers' Day gifts or even stocking-stuffers next Christmas.


  1. What a wonderful idea you had sending your daughter off with these lovely but useful reminders of your love. Mine have long since left college, but if I ever get a chance to copy your idea for another beloved freshman, I will do so happily. Thanks for the sweet ideas and lovely projects you share.

    1. Thank you! What makes me so happy is that she enjoys using these little gifts.


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