Sunday, August 22, 2010

Miss Cindy's Baby Doll Part 3

Yippee! The dress is finished and I will be able to deliver it to Cindy tomorrow! Life got in the way of this little project. I had a baby shower to go to that required a handmade gift and school started for me last Monday. There were lots of meetings and the classroom to arrange and organize. I didn't stitch anything when I got home! Too tired!

I had to adjust the vintage pattern bodice pieces to fit this doll and I made the dress a little longer than her original dress. (See here.)  I changed the shape of the sleeves to accomodate smocking.  I wanted to eliminate elastic from this outfit and the smocking pleats and stitches provide the ruffled gathers perfectly without elastic.  I really liked the embroidered panel that goes down the center front of the original dress with ribbon waist ties beneath the panel so I duplicated that look with embroidered ribbon.

The dress is made of fine cotton batiste and French cotton lace.  I love working with such nice materials.  Everything came from my stash, even the little antique mother of pearl buttons, the ribbon, and the entredeux (veining at the neckline).

The dress is open down the back and closes with two little buttons.  I just realized when looking at the photo of the dress back that I hadn't adjusted the skirt pieces with the right side overlapping the left.  You'll just have to believe me when I tell you that it really does overlap properly.  (It is too hot to go outside to take more photographs!)

"Baby" looks pretty in her new dress and pan*ties (see last post), doesn't she?  Ten (or even 50) years from now her outfit will still fit her arms and legs.  With minimal care the materials in the dress should last a very long time.   Perhaps Cindy's future granddaughters will play with her!
PS:  Rett asked what type of floss I used in the smocking.  I used three strands of DMC cotton floss.


  1. Its BEAUTIFUL!! Oh Karen, I sure wish we could see Cindy's face when she opens this very special gift!!! OUTSTANDING!!!

    You are SEW good at this, Honey. I can't wait for you to retire & get grandbabies & be able to sew till your ♥'s content. :D :D

    Thanks for the info on the floss. It looks so shiny in the photo, I thought it must be something special. Must be that FL sunshine!!! LOL

  2. Karen, this little dolly dress is so unbelievably gorgeous!! I love every detail. And that dolly is darling.
    I keep thinking that I will make Ahnalin some fancy doll clothes, but I tend to just go for the fast finish because her dolls are stripped and waiting even as I stitch.
    Cindy is going to LOVE this!

  3. this is so precious!!! Beautiful little set!! I know cindy will be thrilled!!

  4. Karen - thanks so much for stopping by my blog to say 'hi'. I love all the gorgeous smocking you've done - the doll dress is adorable and I may have to go out and find those wonderful caterpillar prints - my kindergardener would love 'em! :)

    I've added you to my blogroll, too.



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