Saturday, May 15, 2010

Piano Recital Dress for Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn's Recital Dress

What fun I had making this dress! Kaitlyn's mommy came to me early this year with several pieces of musical note fabric that she had purchased and a request for me to make a recital dress in the spring. Kaitlyn is in the first grade and would be in two recitals (at two different places). She started playing the piano a little more than a year ago and is in my Piano Club at school.

I knew immediately that I would only use two of the fabrics that she gave me and that I would add solid black as an accent. Kaitlyn's mommy wanted a full skirt for twirling and a big sash. As she talked I started sketching and the finished dress is almost exactly like the sketch. There was a beautiful piece of Venice lace in the bag with the fabrics that her mommy hoped that I would use. I added it to the first pair of sleeves and just felt that it was too much so I made a second set of sleeves and finished them with a bias binding.
The black border hem, sash, piping and the bias binding is a beautiful piece of cotton satin batiste from Farmhouse Fabrics. It is a lighter weight than the quilting cottons used in the dress so I doubled it everywhere. I purchased 1 1/2 yards and used every scrap! By the way, I wash and dry all cotton and silk fabrics that I use before cutting so that there will be no surprise shrinking when the garment is laundered.
The pattern I chose for the dress is Kari Mecca's Sweetheart dress. I love this pattern. The neckline is so lovely. The dress was finished with a purchased red satin bow that is attached with a jewelry pin back.
There will be pictures of Kaitlyn wearing the dress to share soon! As always, the photos are clickable to enlarge if you wish to see more detail. I really liked the way this came out and hope you do, too!

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  1. I love, love, love this dress! How splendid to have such finery to wear for one's recital. This will, of course, bring the best of luck, to Kaitlyn. Black and white is so elegant and sweet. I look forward to seeing her in this soon. Love and appreciation, Jana


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