Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day! I hope you have had as nice a day as I have had. My sweetie gave me a lovely card that made me cry, a box of chocolate that had a recordable button that told me he loves me in his own voice, and a teddy bear with an 'I love you' banner'. I made old fashioned Valentines and a lovely brunch for my family. We plan on going to the movies after dinner tonight to see Percy Jackson and the Olypians.

It has been a month to the day since I have blogged. (Shame on me!) I have done precious little sewing but lots of Mom's Taxi Service and cooking. Both my teens have been very busy with performances (piano and theater) and my time has been so limited.

Since I have no sewing to share I thought I'd show you the little tree that stays up all year and is decorated according to the season. (I showed you the Autumn 'look' here:)

This is the little Valentine Faery tree topper that I purchased last month at Home Goods.

I made the doves for our first Christmas in this house 18 years ago. The butterfly faery ornament was just given to me by my heart sister, Jana. If you look closely you can see the little silver heart frame with the photo of our family when Rosebud was just 1 and I was pregnant with Logan. He was due on Valentines Day but was born almost three weeks early. The pink Ann Estelle valentine was made by Jana for me a few years ago. The cloisonne' heart in the background is one of two very similar ones that I received for Christmas in 1999. One from my mother and one from my Mickey (stepmother). I found it delightful and a little spooky that they both gave me the same gift without consulting each other!

This is another of Jana's valentines to me. Isn't she creative?

A companion boy faery purchased at Home Goods. I love his little smirky face! The crystal heart under his left hand was an ornament we bought to celebrate our first married Christmas in 1991.

Thank you for stopping by! I promise to do better with my blogging this month! Come again!

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