Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hannah Rose's Nightie Part 1

A sweet friend has commissioned me to make a nightgown for her 9 year old and her new doll for Christmas Eve. I was delighted to be asked. I have known Hannah Rose since she was almost 2 years old and I was proud to be her kindergarten teacher. Hannah Rose is like my own Victoria-Rose was in body type and purchasing or making age appropriate clothing that fits is a challenge. In all the hundred's (no exaggeration) of patterns I have, none would fit Hannah that matched what Pam (mommy) and I had in mind. Soooooo I set out to make my own pattern. Since this nightgown will be given to her on Christmas Eve, I cannot fit the pattern to her and am hoping for the best. We chose a sleeveless style because it is warm here in Florida most of the year and Hannah Rose really dislikes the feel of sleeves when she is sleeping.
Blue batiste to go with her pretty eyes and lovely English lace.

I have already begun the smocking and embroidery since these photos were taken. I will post the progress made soon.

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