Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dolly's Holiday Dress

I was delighted to receive this commission for a holiday outfit for a friend to give as part of her gift for a special young lady. Her only requirement was to make it festive. (I love it when a request is so simple. It gives me a chance to really do something special.) The dress was made using a pattern I haven't used before: Primrose Lane's "The Princess Dress". Beth Dix has long been one of my favorite designer's and I was itching to get the chance to make this one. The panties were from Pat Garretson's smocked doll dress pattern and the slip was made w/o a pattern. The slip and panties puffed the dress out nicely!
Tiny English cotton edging and Imperial Batiste.

The only thing I would change about the pattern is to make the sashes longer. I like them to hang down the dress more. Beth gives the option to use velcro to close the dress but I like using the buttons. I say a prayer before making the tiny buttonholes, though!

I made up a simple smocking design using the red and green and gold of the dress fabric. I must say that I hated smocking with the gold floss. It was a pain! There are little gold glass beads in the smocking in two sizes. The sleeves are smocked in a cable stitch in the green floss.

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