Thursday, September 15, 2016

Oliver + S + Pokemon = Project Run & Play

Leave it to Project Run & Play to entice me to blog again! 

This season's themes are charming but the Pokemon theme won me over.  One of my favorite little people to sew for (Miss Chloe) was having a Pokemon themed sixth birthday and I had already decided to make her a little outfit as a gift.  It didn't matter that I am so out of touch with this Pokie craze that I had no clue what they looked like because her mother showed me a picture of a Pokemon ball cake and I thought:  applique'!  

Oliver + S Swing Set Skirt Size 5 (Size 6 length)
Oliver + S Halter Top sans ruffles Size 5-6


I had something completely different planned using the Oliver + S "Ice Cream" pattern but Kaye, Chole's mom, wanted something more contemporary and cool.  September in Florida is still VERY hot! Kaye stretches my more traditional thinking and I think this little outfit was just perfect for the birthday activities  and the weather (with black gymnastic shorts underneath).

I used I used a black/white polka dot bottom weight for the skirt hemmed with red ribbon (a la the O + S Lazy Days Skirt).  It was a left over piece from Kaye's class bulletin board!  The top was made with some soft and lovely blouse weight white/black mini dot I had in my stash, trimmed with ribbon and red rick rack.

The applique was a bit stiff due to the white having to be two layers to avoid dotted show through of the skirt fabric.

I love the construction of this skirt that is completely lined.
Chloe in action trying to catch those little creatures.

Happy Sixth Birthday precious girl!


  1. that is so sweet! I like the idea of separates, more wardrobe combinations!

  2. I'm not into Pokemon at all, but this is a fun take on it! I love the two different dot fabrics together, as well as the red trim!

  3. How cute! It has a great modern vibe too.

  4. Delightful. And she seems to have loved it!

  5. I love the color scheme and appliques, and it looks perfect for the hot Florida weather!

  6. Thank you all for the kind and thoughtful comments. It was fun to stretch my thinking and produce a more modern outfit for my little friend!


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