Sunday, January 19, 2014

Catching Up Part One: Kitten Witch Pocket Dress & Halloween Forget-Me-Knot Dress

This was a post that I had saved in my drafts that I forgot to post last October!!

This little dress was made for Cassidy, my godchild, several years ago that I had never posted on my blog.  It is one of my favorite dresses that I have made.  I loved the kitten pocket with the free hanging body and the appliqued head/hat.  I adapted a design from one of Mary's Patterns for the basic shapes of the pocket and added the hat, bow, and apron.  You just lift the arms up and the rest of the body is a pocket!  So clever!  The dress pattern is my 'go to' pattern by Primrose Lane:  "Annie's Sundress and Jumper".  I had already made a lavender gingham peasant blouse for another outfit for Cassidy that she wore under the dress.  I just loved how this one came out and it looked charming on Cassidy.

The next dress is for Cassidy's little sister, Delaney, also my godchild.  I made this one a couple of weeks ago.  It is a much simpler design.  I am slowly getting into making more modern style dresses without the full skirts (that I adore).  It is a sweet dress but doesn't have the "Wow" factor that the other one has.  (It doesn't twirl, either.)  The pattern is a PDF pattern from Ruby Jean's Closet:  "The Forget-Me-Knot Dress" in a size 3 for a just above average sized three year old.  I am going to try it again in more feminine fabrics and trims and see if I like it better.  Don't get me wrong, the pattern was wonderful.  It was very clear, had great step-by-step photos, and everyone who saw the dress liked it a lot.  It is just me.  I like girly-girl things better. 


  1. Cute dress! I love the kitty!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

    1. Thank you! That kitty made me smile every time I looked at it!


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