Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Vintage Lavender for Pretty Chloe

Pretty Chloe is modeling one of her own dresses that I made before she was born.  (See the original blog with all the details  HERE. )  This was an outfit I made that another teacher purchased to give to Kaye (Chloe's mother).  When I asked Kaye to allow Chloe to model for me for the Honeycomb Smocking Dress & Tutorial for the Lost Arts of Sewing Series by a Jennuine Life (See HERE), I asked her to bring this dress set to photograph, too.  It looks charming on Chloe but a little short now so the lavender gingham bloomers show through the crochet work.  The bonnet kept blowing in the wind so I don't have a good photo of her in it.  
 Chloe loved wearing the dress and was obviously very comfortable in the style.
This sundress was made using a vintage pillowcase.  I hand embroidered flowers on the bodice in colors to match the threads in the original crochet work.
 I loved seeing Chloe in this little dress!  It made me so happy!
 I made a second pair of bloomers for her to wear with the dress in white.  It will blend more now that the dress is shorter on her.
Have a lovely day, dear blogging friends!

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  1. Chloe is such a darling little girl! And this dress is really sweet... I love your embroidery.

    1. Thank you, Charity! Chloe has lots of personality, too! She loves her stuffed animals and calls them her babies. She lines them up and 'reads' to them. Cute! Can you believe that she loves dinosaurs, too?


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