Saturday, January 5, 2013

Having More Fun in 2013: Project Run and Play

In reflecting about the year 2012, I discovered that I hadn't made a conscious decision or effort to have fun! One of the things that I really enjoy in my life is sewing because I want to as opposed to I need to make this
There is a wonderful sewing contest/challenge going on over at:    
that has a 'sew a-long' component in a Flicker group.  I seriously thought about doing this last year but my husband's medical issues took precedence and I dropped the ball.  (I actually began the bias challenge but never finished it.)  So..... I am going to join the sew a-long group this time!  It will stretch my computer skills because I have to have my daughter show me how to upload pictures to the group and I have already been playing in the editing section of Photoscape to add arrows and text.  I may even do a tutorial!  I am continually growing and learning!

I have the six weeks mostly planned out and have begun several of the projects and completed the first challenge that I will post on Monday.

Week #1:  A basic bodice dress using these two fabrics.  Completed!

Week #2:  Dots & Stripes using these fabrics gifted to me by the lovely Mama CJT (Carol) at .  This outfit is already cut out and ready to be sewn up.

 Week #3:  Boy's Week.  When I took this picture I was undecided about two different fabrics and smocking plates but I have committed to the sailboats because it is an easier/faster plate.  I am a SLOW picture smocker.  I have been busy and the smocking only needs some finishing touches.  Then I can work on the construction.

Week #4 Valentines:  This one has been cut out but I may not use the red hearts fabric.  There isn't enough contrast.

Week #5 (My favorite!) Men's Shirt:  This is one of the two that I am most excited about and I have done quite a bit on this already just because I LOVE making baby clothes!  This will be something for a newborn.  The shirt is a pale sage green 100% cotton XL I found at the Hospice Resale Shop last week for half the tag price of $6.99.  The buttons are beautiful and I'll save them but I want to use shell buttons on this baby outfit.  I am also using some trim that Carol gave me for this one.
 Week #6:  Signature Look:  This one is easy for me to decide.  I love heirloom, handwork, lace, and pretty fabrics.  At the same Hospice Shop I found several of these unused 100% cotton lawn curtains and I am using the valance as an overlay on a little dress.  This, too, has had quite a bit of work done on it because preparing the battenburg overlay required removing the stitching in the top casings a stitch at a time to avoid damaging the delicate fabric.  (See pictures below.)

All in all, I am pretty excited about this sewing challenge and I have definitely had fun!  School starts again on Monday so I will have to see if I can muster up the energy to sew some each night after spending the days with my kindergarten class.  It sure has helped to be off these two weeks to begin the process and I think that I have gotten lots accomplished.

Are you making a conscious decision to have some fun?  I believe that the Almighty wants us to enjoy ourselves while here, don't you?  He gave us this wonderful planet with all its glory and people and other creatures to share it with us.  We are so blessed!


  1. OOH! I love your PR&P ideas!! I am going to try to sew along this time but I have just now cut the pieces for the first theme! :D Good luck!

    1. Thank you for the kind words! I look forward to see your dress!

  2. That's wonderful that you have a plan in place and have already finished one of the challenges! I'll be keeping an eye out for your creations.;)

  3. Love seeing all your ideas! My other comment was listed as "unknown" (sad face), but it's really ME, Jana Lisa!

    1. Hello, Heart Sister! I'm glad you like them. This little challenge has my creative juices flowing! Love you!


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