Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hand Embroidered Dish Towel

Last July a dear friend of mine had a milestone birthday.  Several of her friends organized a surprise party for her.  It was an especially "trying" time for her because her dear husband's health was declining rapidly.  Trish is a deeply spiritual person and routinely lifts the spirits of all who know her.  One of the phrases she utters often is "All is well!  God is good!".  I made this little dishcloth for her birthday to lift her spirits a little.  The blue floral print is the top and bottom border as well as the lining for the cloth.  

 Trish had very light blonde hair when she was a little girl and bright blue eyes.  I embroidered the angel to look like her.  Trish just had another birthday and she is traveling up north.  Happy Birthday, dear Friend!

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  1. I want to say, since reading your blog in August, I was 'hooked' on making dishrags... I have made 82 and given them away in sets with the little poem that you printed in the blog...thanks for inspiring!


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