Saturday, June 5, 2010

Charm's First Nightie Part 3: The Bonnet

I am in baby heaven! Little Charm was born this past week. She is just beautiful! She weighed 9 pounds and is 21 inches long. That is a really big baby for her tiny, less than 5 feet tall, mommy! Her given name is Delaney Kate but I've been calling her Charm for so long that changing over is going to be tough for me. She is a charmer to be sure with her beautiful pink plump cheeks and perfect little round head! Her sweet mommy had a rough time but all is well in the end. God is so good....all the time!
I just had to make a little bonnet to go with the drawstring nightie I made her. Her mommy had said 'no bonnets' but I called this a 'cap' because it is the plainest little bonnet I've ever made! I don't think it counts as a bonnet so I didn't really break the 'rules'. Right?
I just drew a swirly line on the brim section and embroidered flowers in the colors I used for the smocking and embroidered roses on the nightie.

I used the same silk satin ribbon to adorn the sides of the 'cap' as I used to closed the bottom of the nightie.
I have a feeling that this cap won't fit for long, although it is supposed to go up to size 13 pounds. I hope Lauri uses it! More to come!


  1. Very pretty, Karen. I bet it was killing you not to add lace and frills to this!! But it is really lovely in its simplicity.

  2. I love both her given name and Charm. The "cap" is beautiful!

  3. Thank you, ladies! You are right, Laura!

  4. So sweet! I love to give bonnets and always tell the mothers that even if never worn by the baby, it can still be worn by her dolls or teddy bears. I think this one will be worn by Charm!

  5. That's a great point that Jan made...My sweet Caroline is always putting hats & scarves & what not on her AG doll. I'm glad you made the "cap"...her mother will the happy to have it one day. It is BEAUTIFUL, Karen!


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