Monday, March 15, 2010

Portrait Gallery and a Little Inspiration

Since I have been in a little bit of a sewing slump the past couple of weeks, I thought I would share one of my favorite Easter dresses. I made this for my sweet baby girl 14 years ago when she was almost 2 and a half. The dress is smocked from the shoulder. I combined two old Australian Smocking and Embroidery designs and added my own embroidery around the neck and the bottom of the smocking. I hand feather stitched the hem up. (Goodness, that took a LONG time around 90 inches of skirt!). The dress was roomy enough and long enough that she was able to wear it through two springs and summers. I loved it on her! My godchild, Jordan Leigh also wore the dress for two years a few years later. It is now packed in acid-free paper awaiting Victoria-Rose's little girl. (I sure hope she has at least one daughter with all that has been saved for her!!!)
This is a picture of my mother with Victoria-Rose. I have added another shot with the two of them and Logan in a pleated and feather stitched shirt and blue gingham short-all in a new section of my blog: Portrait Gallery. There are three posts there already showing some of the cuties in things that I have made. Please check it out! It is under the section to the right called My Other Creations. I will be adding to that section from time to time.
I am very happy to report that I am officially out of my 'sewing slump'! Hooray! All it took was giving myself permission to put aside the things that I had been working on to begin the special baby things for my dear friend Lauri's baby girl due in May. Oooooo how I love to make baby clothes! I have the smocking begun on a little daygown that I hope Lauri will use to take the baby home from the hospital. I'll give a sneak peak soon!


  1. Beautiful dress! Thanks for sharing the pictures! I am "sew" glad you are out of your sewing slump! Can't wait to see your little daygown!

  2. Oh this is so pretty and so Easter! Love it. Can't wait to see the little daygown you are working on.

  3. What a GORGEOUS dress, Karen!! I want to reach out & grab it so I can see it up close. She sure was a beautiful child & is now growing into such a lovely young lady. Love the shot of her with your Mom. :D

    I'm glad you're slump is over. now give me a kick in the you-know-where & get me back at it, will ya'?

  4. Thank you for the kind words and the encouragement to keep going! You know, Rett, you should have your photo taken with Miss C in the Easter dress you are working on. Rosebud and I both treasure this one.

  5. Karen, I love your new Portrait Gallery! I think the bonnet style you've made (e.g. Natalie) is the sweetest thing ever. xo, Jana


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