Friday, March 10, 2017

A Greek Mermaid for Project Run & Play Part 1

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Once again Project Run & Play has inspired and enticed me to create something special.....and blog again!  I really love this contest of selected 'sewists' and the sew-along contest.  It is wonderful to see all the unique and special garments that everyone sews for their loved ones.

This first theme this season (Season 13) is "It's All About That Place".  I would love to travel to Greece again.  I spent a few days in Athens about 50 years ago and loved it.  I loved the cuisine, the vistas of ocean, the smell off the water and its beautiful colors, the brilliant lighting, and the lovely people.

The closest I can get to Greece now is the beautiful city of Tarpon Springs here in Pinellas County, Florida.  It has one of the largest Greek populations in the United States.
See the Greek Key design over the restaurant?
Thinking of the Greek islands and the wonderful sea vistas made my mind wander to a little girl I know who just loves the water.  My friend Kaye's littlest girl, Chloe, has been entranced with mermaids for a couple of years now.  She even says that she IS a mermaid.  She is the inspiration and recipient of my entries for this contest.  I just love her sweet and spunky spirit, her creativity, and imagination!

The Greek Mermaid Dress
I used the Portabellopixie  'Claire' pattern:  the Petal Knot Dress.
I found this amazing mermaid collection at Hawthorne Threads and knew that it would be perfect for Chloe.  I love the detail in the house made fabrics at Hawthorne Threads.  It is digitally printed on beautiful fabric with a lovely hand and higher thread count.  It does wash beautifully.  (I wash all fabric prior to cutting.) There are five different fabrics from the 'Calypso' line in this dress.

I did make Chloe a blouse to wear under the dress but it was too warm to wear it on the day that we did the photo shoot.  It also caused me to turn it into another outfit for Chloe... so you will need to click HERE for Part 2 of A Greek Mermaid.

Note the gold Greek Key design on the white ribbon!
Dress Back

Tarpon Springs has decorated vintage bikes all over downtown.  Each one is unique and picturesque.

Chloe's mommy made the star fish hair ties with real star fish!

Chloe...being a mermaid.

You can tell that Chloe loved this dress, can't you?  She just makes me smile!

She is beautiful, isn't she?  What a pleasure to sew for, too!

I hope that you enjoyed Part 1 of A Greek Mermaid and that you will check out what the other sew-along contestants have created HERE.


  1. Wow! I love this fabric! The way you put the mermaid panel in the front is so clever!

  2. Delightful - and yes, we can see she loves it!

  3. She is just so darling! What fun hair-ties her mommy made!

  4. Thank you, ladies! I had such a good time photographing Chloe. She is such a great model that it was hard to narrow down the pictures for this post!


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